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Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours - 'Top End' Tours Darwin Kakadu Northern Territory

When you negotiate a tour and make a booking or deposit on any tour with Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours you agree to accept our Terms & Conditions of Travel.


Other Important Information is detailed below and in the links on the right of this page.


We recommend you familiarize yourself with this information before you make a booking or travel with Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours.


Safety Advice:

Guided By Nature operates tours to some of the most remote areas in Australia. 

Inherent dangers exist when travelling in or through remote areas. These include the climate, insects & disease, driving conditions, bushwalking & environmental risks as well as dangerous animals including the Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile.

Although your guide will make you aware of any risks that you may encounter on your tour, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the possible risks via the informative links to the right.


Insurance Advice:

Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours recommends that you take out a personal travel insurance and/or trip cancellation policy prior to your journey.  Clients are responsible for assessing their own requirements and level of cover required in this regard.


Food & Dietary requirements:

We can cater for any dietary requirements or requests that you may have.  Whether your reasons are medical, religious or personal choice we can arrange the right choice of food and meals to suit you.  Please let us know about any requirements you may have when organizing your journey.



The regions that Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours travel are subject to relatively extreme climatic conditions.  The main factor is heat and humidity.  Daytime temperatures of over 30c are present almost every day of the year.  Humidity in the tropics varies greatly with peaks in the 'wet season' and 'build up' months from October to March.  The 'dry season' months of April to September can see relatively cold nightly temperatures in the tropics with temperatures of 10-15c common.  Although these temperatures do not seem cold by world standards most people find them quite cool due to the difference between day and night temperatures.  If traveling in desert regions nightly temperatures may fall to 0c or below.  The key to remaining in good health in these climates is to remain well hydrated, protect yourself from the sun with hats and sunscreen and to also be aware of your limits.  If heat stress becomes a problem for you on a Specialist Private Tour the itinerary may need to be adjusted to suit your comfort levels.


Physical Activity:

The range of physical activity available on a Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tour can vary greatly.  There are a range of activities available to tailor your tour to your physical abilities and fitness levels.  Tours can be organized to incorporate anybody from wheelchair or disability friendly activities to full days of hiking.  We rely on you to provide us with honest and accurate information regarding your health and physical ability when organizing a tour or charter with us.  By doing so you will get the best possible experience available to suit your needs.


Leave No Trace:

Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours follows the 7 principles of Leave No Trace.  We ask that you as a client respect and abide by these principles.

The 7 principles are:

* Plan ahead and prepare.

* Travel and camp on durable surfaces.

* Dispose of waste properly.

* Leave what you find.

* Minimize campfire impacts.

* Respect wildlife.

* Be considerate of your hosts and other visitors.


Leave No Trace depends more on attitude and awareness rather than on rules and regulations.
The general rule is to consider the variables of each area in terms of culture, wildlife, vegetation, soil, climate, and any usage that the area receives. Then, use this information to determine which recommended practices to apply.


What to bring:

What you bring with you is largely your own decision, please keep in mind that space is limited and the less you bring the easier your tour will flow.  Heavy items will cause us to use more fuel thus increasing the environmental footprint of your journey.    Below are some recommendations on what to bring.  If you have special needs or requests please don't hesitate to discuss them when you organize your tour.

* Water bottle (you will be able to purchase one near the start of your tour.)

* Hat.

* Sunscreen. (We recommend minimal use when swimming in natural areas.)

* Personal and hygiene items.

* Medications to last the duration of your tour.  Spare supplies if essential.

* Long sleeved light clothing for insect protection at night.  Light warm clothing.

* Swimmers.

* A small torch can come in handy although we usually have spares.

* Camera.

* Spare batteries, film, storage cards etc for your camera and electronic equipment.


What not to bring:

Common sense should prevail when you pack your bags.  You should have a thorough understanding of what is involved on your tour before you depart.  After all, it is your tour.  Of course, Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tours cannot condone and will not willingly allow you to travel with anything which is considered illegal.

Journeys to some areas may not have access to power, shops or services.  You should plan accordingly.  You cannot plug your hair drier or shaver into a tree!

Please discuss anything you are unsure of with us before your departure date.


Laws, Customs & Etiquette.

At all times you must comply with the relevant laws of the areas you are visiting on a Guided By Nature Specialist Private Tour.  This includes Federal (Australian), State and Local laws.  You are asked to comply with any requests your guide may make of you in this regard.  In any case, you are responsible for abiding by these laws.

Some destinations such as Aboriginal Land may have restrictions or special laws concerning alcohol or other matters.  You will be made aware of any such restrictions when you book your tour and also given a reminder by your guide when entering any such areas.  Your guide may also make you aware of common laws, customs, etiquette and moral standards which apply in areas you visit.  At all times you are asked to comply with any requests that your guide may make in this regard.


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